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The Arkaba Experience

Boarding can be both rewarding and enjoyable for yourself and your pet.  These guidelines are designed to help us provide the best possible care and service for your pet.

It is important to let us know if your pet has any special dietary or medical needs.  Pets are very active while boarding and any condition that may not seem important at home may affect their care whilst at the Arkaba Kennels.

All pets have comfy bedding supplied so there is no need to provide your own.  We also keep on hand a selection of toys.  We have found that they prefer to explore the new toys rather than play with their own.

All pets must have C5 (dogs) and F3 (cats) vaccinations at least a fortnight prior to boarding.  It is important to be aware that although your pet is Vaccinated against the dog or cat flu they are still able to get the virus.  Vaccinations will help minimise the effects of the virus however we do point out that, like the human Flu Vaccine they are not 100% effective in stopping it.   Some dogs and cats that come in contact with the virus will show symptoms others won’t.  Just like some people will catch a cold and others won’t.  Please keep in mind that these are uncommon occurrences and we do our utmost to alleviate these problems before they arise.

Pick up and Delivery Service. If you are taking advantage of This service please note that we aim to pick up and deliver all dogs between 10.30 am and 2.30 pm.    If you need your pet to be picked up or delivered at a specific time then please advise us.  As we generally operate on a tight schedule it is important that we can deliver or pick up your pet at the nominated time.

It is best not to feed your pet at least 6 hours before travelling as they travel much better on an empty stomach.  Likewise wait at least 6 hours before offering them any food upon their return.

You will need to fill in all the details on the contact form:  go to   Contact Us

Your treating vet knows your pet best.  Consequently if we have any health concerns about your pet we will contact your vet and follow your vet’s advice.

You may find your pet will be tired for at least 48 hours after their stay.  This is quite normal.  After all it has been an exciting period – playtime, socialising, all the different smells and the sheer excitement of kennel life will all contribute to a feeling of lethargy once they are back home.  (After all we know that holidays can be hard work indeed!)

We look forward to meeting and making welcome your precious family member.  We aim to provide the best possible care for your choice of a home away from home.