Purchasing a Pet

From time to time people approach us about advice regarding the purchase of a new dog.

From what we have seen in the kennels there is really no ‘ideal’ family dog.
We have noted that the various ‘designer’ dogs the groodles, doodles, cavoodles and other assorted oodles seem to very much pot luck – some are lovely dogs others have been a nightmare for their owners (and very expensive!)
We would strongly recommend that you visit the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League or the Hahndorf Animal shelter before buying a pup.
The advantage of these rescue dogs is that generally they will have gone through their destructive puppy phase and the shelters are generally willing to give you an opportunity to give your dog a trial.
We have three dogs of our own (used to be four – Rastus can be found on our in memorium page)- all are rescue dogs and we couldn’t be happier with Tinka, Charlie and Pip
If you decide to use a breeder then ask for the contact details of any of the people who have purchased a dog from that breeder – you can never have too much information – remember this dog could be sharing your life for up to 17 years!