How to find us

There are two ways you can get your pet to us.

Firstly you can opt for us to pick up and deliver.  Many of our established customers prefer that option
as the round trip can take more than 1.5 hours.   Usually we can make arrangements that suit you – for example:- a courtesy phone call just prior to our arrival or we can pick up and deliver your pet from the garden.
Please note if you are not at home either for pick up or for delivery – for your pets safety-, please give us a call to confirm that:- we have picked up your pet or that you have returned home.

Finding the Kennels

There are a number of ways to find us.  Using Satellite Navigation, The Freeway, GreenHill Rd, via Norton Summit, or via Cudlee Creek.  Click on any of these links and you will find the directions that you need.

If you need further help then call us on 8389 8348.  Remember to bring your mobile phone – if for no other reason then to call us when you have reached our carpark.