The Arkaba Diet

Susan is in charge of feeding the dogs.  If your dog has special dietary needs you need to discuss them with her.

Most dogs thrive on what we give them as our standard meal: cooked chicken mince, vegetables, rice and dog biscuits.  The fat is drained off the mince and the biscuits we choose are likewise low in fat content.
Puppies are fed twice a day and we buy in special puppy biscuits for them.
We monitor their diets closely – some dogs need to be fed more simply because they burn more energy.
Dog’s with upset stomachs are given just rice and mince. That usually settles them down.
On hot days we may give them chicken ice pops – we freeze a chicken wing in water – cooling them and keeping them occupied without exerting too much energy.
We are confident that your dog will enjoy the food – the glossy coats of the departing guests is one surefire indication that the food is doing them good!