Zoe was rescued from death row at the age of 8 months.  For close on 17 years she was a constant companion – the daily run kept both her owner and herself fit.
The Arkaba Kennels were almost like a second home for her – and she clearly enjoyed coming here.  But even more importantly she loved coming home.
All dogs get old and as they age they need just that extra bit of tlc.

About three years ago we first discussed what we would do if she were to pass away whilst in the kennels.  In  consultation with the vet we worked out a plan to ensure that she would not suffer.  But she continued to surprise us – sometimes it seemed as if the visits to the kennels rejuvenated her – all the other dogs around made her perk up and although by now profoundly deaf she still asserted her authority in the kennels.
Earlier in 2011 she came to the kennels for an extended visit – we fully expected that at some stage she would gently slip away and her parents bid her a fond farewell – sometimes life does not give you any choices.
Yet Zoe amazed us all – she did not just survive but thrived.
Then just the other day we got the news – she had deteriorated and was in pain so she was assisted  to peacefully pass on to doggy heaven.
Zoe was, like all dogs, special – she was not an ornament or status symbol – she was part of a loving and caring family and she loved them in return.